Halfway between Mutare and Harare
somewhere in the hotel garden
Am I as tall as a giraffe?
How to cross a barbed-wire fence
The grave of Cecil Rhodes
What is Gents in shona?
I wish I had paid more attention in school
In the snake zoo
The Zimbabwe-Zambia border
Bungeejumping from a bridge near Victoriafalls
The highest bridge in africa
The pictures on this page are taken during the years 1993-2002
In the Boababhotel
children have to take a bath
Karel, Pieter and some others around a tree
it's everywere the same. In Harare as well you can find a Dutch Oven"
Somewhere in the garden
Ruins of Great Zimbabwe
Pieter and Karel and a real Zimbabwean dog
Marijke on the market
Cooking in the restaurant
Wilma and Karin working for Kura Uone
Bij de pakken neerzitten ?
For information about Kura Uone
for information about citylink Haarlem-Mutare
Harare can be a dangerous city
    sculptures in Tengenenge
sculptures in Haarlem
                                   and in Akersloot
with a member of the department for housing
acting as a tourist
3 men in the swimmingpool
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Mugs with pictures of the Zimbirds
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